Zimbabwe, Africa - Our Mission Field

Zimbabwe is located in South-East Africa and was formerly known as Rhodesia. The current population of Zimbabwe is approximately 12,517,000 according to the World Health Organization.

There are three official languages within the country of Zimbabwe: English (South African), Shona, and Sindebele. The most prevalent language used of these three is English.

Zimbabwe has a centralized form of government and is divided into 9 provinces. Each province has approximately 10 districts, some more, some less depending on provincial size and population. Each district has approximately 100 schools, though this is also dependent upon the district's size and population. With those figures in mind, that means that the country of Zimbabwe has approximately 9,000 schools. The population of these schools vary greatly, ranging from around 100 students to 2,000 or more students. If the average population at every school is 500 students, and estimate there being 9,000 schools, that would mean that there would be approximately 4.5 million students in the country of Zimbabwe. This is a very conservative estimate of the population of schools and school age children, as reports by the World Health Organization estimate that 40‰ of Zimbabwe's population is under the age of 15, meaning that there are at least 5 million school age children. This field is white unto harvest (John 4:35). The Eubanks have been allowed by the government, through local church sponsorship, to go into the schools with an open door and freely preach the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. After every preaching service held at these schools, each child receives a Chick cartoon tract which they can read and then take home and share with their family.

Teenagers from the age of 15 to 18, is common to think of as still children in the United States and other parts of the world, are considered adults in the country of Zimbabwe. In a country where the average life expectancy is about 35 years for men and 32 years for women, adulthood starts early at the age of 15.

In Zimbabwe, where it could be estimated that over 50‰ of the population is school age children, the task to reach all 6+ million of them with the Gospel is staggering. Brother Bill and Sister Janet Eubanks, with God's help and His blessing upon them, hope to reach all of these precious souls that they can.

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