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13 Minutes Over the Vatican

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MARCH 1991

I can´t believe we´re lost. A man said once, "A good pilot is never lost; he just doesn't know where he's at." Well I never was a very good pilot, and I´m afraid I am lost. This morning, I took off from Urbe Airport in Rome, and flew North thirty-eight minutes to the mountain airport, Reitta, and picked up Janet and the tracts. When we took off and headed South towards Rome, I had the Tiber River right under me, and it looked like a lead pipe cinch to find the Vatican: I mean the Tiber runs right by the Vatican. I mean, RAY CHARLES COULD FIND IT! But now, after flying almost an hour South, all I see down there is rolling hills and a few cows.

How did this all get started? What am I doing in an airplane with my wife and 450 pounds of Gospel tracts, flying over a bunch of cows in Italy? . . .

Page 72

Four days after I got saved (I was thirty seven), I was so in love with the LORD and grateful HE suffered and died for me, that I would have witnessed to a fence post.

I was driving from the Bay Area to Reno and I spot two Hell´s Angels-type bikers hitchhiking on Interstate 80. Before I was saved I would never have stopped and picked them up. I´d have been too scared! But now it was a different ballgame as I said, "Hop in guys. You wouldn´t believe what just happened to me."

They had told me they were going to Sacramento (which was right on my way) but I guess they had had enough, because at Fairfield (half way) they said, "Thanks, pal, but we just remembered we got business here, so let us out!"

I still had my head bowed over the steering wheel praying for their souls when they got out and started walking down the road.

Page 75

I step into an elevator in a big hotel that has eight stories and there are eight or nine people on the elevator.

A friendly guy near the buttons says to me, "Going up?"

"Oh, yes sir," I say. "I´m going all the way. You see, I´m a born again Christian, and I´ve been washed in Christ´s precious blood!"

"Oh," he says.

And there is an embarrassing silence in the car as we travel up five floors to my stop.

Page 77

Shortly after I got saved I went to Sonora, California to visit my mom. While there, I got to witnessing at the jails and hospitals.

One morning at the Sonora County Hospital I got on the elevator and pressed three to go up to the third floor. The elevator started to move but it went down instead of up! As the elevator settled on the basement floor, I could see through the glass door an old man across the hall in his hospital bed. He caught my eye and with his hand beckoned me to come to him.

I got out of the elevator, crossed the hall and coming to the head of the old man´s bed I said, "Morning, sir."

He said, "Morning, son. Could you tell me how to be saved?"

I pulled up a chair and the old man received the LORD JESUS CHRIST with great joy after ten minutes of going through the Scriptures with him.

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