About Us

I was born in 1941 in Portland, Oregon, and was led to the Lord when I was ten years old after my dad dumped me off at a summer church camp in California for a week.

I worked as a logger from the age of sixteen to the age of twenty. Then I moved to Portland, Oregon and learned how to play pool and cards, and also how to take dope.

I played poker for a living and worked in poker rooms until, at the age of thirty eight, I became a pit boss at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel and Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I would smoke marijuana after work, and I soon got tired of watching the regular TV shows, and started watching the Christian Cable Channel. When the preachers preached on the cross, I´d start crying. After about three weeks of this, God moved in on me in many strange ways. Through watching the series of Jesus of Nazareth, the last segment of that TV show, when the Roman soldiers and Temple guards beat the Lord Jesus, spit on Him and nailed Him to a cross, when I saw Him lifted up, I broke: I threw up the white flag and knelt in a little apartment on Thompson Avenue in Mountain View, California and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save my soul, not knowing He had saved me when I was ten.

So, on April the 8th, 1979 at 9:30 pm, I was called (I thought I was born again, but like I said, I had been saved at age ten) of God, and He revealed Himself to me at the age of thirty eight. I asked Him if I could continue playing poker for a living, and He told me that was kid stuff, and that He would teach me how to fish for men. Two years later, God found me a real super good wife. We did not have any kids, but for about thirty years, we´ve been serving the Lord, and by His grace we will serve Him till we die.

Glory to His wonderful, wonderful name.

Bro. Bill Eubanks


I was raised in a Scottish Presbyterian home. When I was a young adult I taught Sunday School, doing a good job for what I knew. All the Bible stories and behaving good.

I had never heard of being born again, saved or that Jesus Christ wanted to live inside of me.

The first time I heard the message, I thought that was a good story if it were true. I left that meeting and the Devil plucked it all right out of my mind. Then I went to a church and heard the Gospel again where I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

I chose not to seek the world but wanted to work for the Lord full time – each step I took put me further into the Lord´s will.

Finally, I met my husband and we chose to go full time for the Lord in whatever way He directed our lives.

We are blessed!!

Sister Janet Eubanks